Educating ICT Leaders through Computer Aided Consulting


A great deal of  our time is being spent working with universities and startups to introduce innovative approaches to educate ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) leaders, especially in developing countries, through computer aided consulting. The following are key pieces of information about this undertaking.

Presentation at the United Nations

We are working with the UN and presented a session on “Educating ICT Leaders Through ICT” in the United Nations Annual Meeting of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development in Monterrey, Mexico (2-4 September 2009).  This presentation explains our unique approach to educating ICT leaders through computer aided consulting.


-         Paper Presented at UN that presents the overall vision  

-         Presentation slides at the UN session   


Graduate Degree in Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM)

I am currently developing a graduate program at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology that combines systems engineering, information systems and engineering management. Especially suitable for IT (ICT) leaders, the program provides a blend of strategic IT planning, enterprise integration, security, and administration topics. This program also relies heavily on computer aided consulting. More      



Using Computer Aided Consulting for Strategic IT Planning, Integration, Security and Administration Courses

I have been working with several universities to offer graduate level courses in Strategic IT Planning, Integration, Security and Administration by using PISA, a computer aided consulting tool developed by NGE Solutions ( You can find a great deal of information about PISA on (Learn More Section). In particular, you will find the following PISA documents very useful:

-         PISA Overview 

-         PISA in Classroom



Computer Aided Consulting for IT (CACIT) Environment

CACIT is a comprehensive environment that has been developed by NGE Solutions ( CACIT, shown in the following diagram, consists of three major components (PISA, GEZA and PARIS) that collectively support students as  well as IT practitioners web access. You can find a great deal of information about the CACIT environment from the NGE Solutions site (  


Dr. Amjad Umar is the leader of this project. For more information, email to Dr. Umar (, indicate “CACIT” in subject heading.