PISA Documents 

PISA Environment is supported through extensive documentation. PISA provides numerous explanations, glossaries, online guides, short tutorials, and support documents to educate the user on planning, integration, security and administration of modern IT systems.

Many documents are available to the registered users with proper ID-PW, but the following documents are also available without registration:

PISA Quick Start: 

§                  PISA Executive Summary, a three slide executive summary.

§                  PISA at a Glance, a one page flier on PISA.

§                  PISA Overview document (8 pages) gives a quick overview of the system and is highly recommended for a conceptual understanding of the system. 


PISA Details:   

§                   PISA User Guide (about 35 pages) gives detailed information about how to use the system effectively. Highly recommended for the users of the system. 

§                   SOA Planning Through PISA-AIM  document (25 pages) gives an overview of how PISA can be used to develop an SOA-based integrated architecture  and is highly recommended before using PISA for SOA.

§                   CASE STUDY: IT Infrastructure Planning Through PISA-PlanIT (25 pages) describes how PISA-PlanIT was used to develop a complete IT plan for a manufacturing-retail company.  

§                   CASE STUDY: SOA Planning Through PISA-AIM (13 pages) describes how PISA-AIM was used to develop a complete SOA plan for a retail company.  

§                   PISA Demo Example (37 pages) is a “storybook” that illustrates a demo of using PISA through extensive screenshots. 

§                   PISA Patterns Repository gives an overview, with examples, of the patterns that are contained in the pattern repository and are used by the PISA Advisors to quickly build solution sketches.


PISA in Classroom:   

§                   PISA Instructor’s Guide (about 25 pages) is intended for prospective instructors who may want to use PISA in online or on-site courses on IT planning (core MBA course), telecom networks, information security, information systems analysis and design, and IS architecture and integration. This document contains PISA project descriptions, instructor hints, and suggested student deliverable reports.

§                   Course “Architectures for Globally Integrated Enterprises”  (about 17 pages) describes a course that covers service oriented architectures (SOA) for modern enterprises. This course won IBM best course proposal award and is heavily supported through PISA.


Sample Reports Generated by PISA:   

PISA generates numerous reports and documents that contain the results of a user session.  The following are sample reports generated by PISA:

§    Complete IT Plan, generated by PISA-PlanIT

§    Security Audit Report generated by PISA Security Advisor

§    Application Requirement Document, generated by PISA-AIM

§          Application Architecture Document, generated by PISA-AIM


Research Papers:  PISA is based on research on integrated intelligent systems for IT planning, integration and security. Some research papers have been published, others are in progress. For research papers on different aspects of PISA, please send an email to umar@amjadumar.com and indicate “PISA Research” in email title.